Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence application GPT-4 to analyze multiple longitudinal assessment datasets without combining them. Kristen Linton will demonstrate how she prompted GPT-4 to perform analysis on Canvas Outcomes multi-semester data, identify trends, and draft a report based on the data for continuous program improvement.

How is learning transformed when we actively design curriculum for deep understanding and real-world application, rather than covering content and hoping our students find the “ah-ha” moments? Learn about how Understanding by Design, a backwards planning framework, can support educators as they plan, teach, and assess for transfer.

Kristen Linton is an Associate Professor of Health Science and Academic Assessment Director at California State University Channel Islands. Dr. Linton’s research includes developing and assessing the impact of social work and virtual reality interventions for rehabilitation among people with brain injuries in collaboration with local nonprofits and hospitals. She has been integrating Artificial Intelligence into her research, teaching and assessment work.

Mike Matthews, M.Ed., he/him, is a veteran educator with over two decades experience designing, teaching, and leading educators in creating curriculum that is grounded in deep understanding and real world application. As President of Authentic Education, he has partnered with schools and organizations around the world to empower educators to author purposeful and engaging curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. In addition to this curriculum work, he has worked on projects related to authentic assessment, educational process/systems design, and recently led the team of Subject Matter Expert writers who drafted DC’s groundbreaking anti-racist and culturally inclusive K-12 Social Studies standards.

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