Our Mission

The California Outcomes & Assessment Coordinator Hub (COACHes), established in 2021 is a resource hub that focuses on Student Learning. Our goal is for community colleges and other higher educational professionals to join colleagues in discussion and sharing promising practices around our raison d’être: supporting students, their learning competencies, and creating communities where exemplary education can thrive.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to increase “Student Learning” and be a clarion call to action on behalf of the students and communities we serve. As educational professionals, and as Learning Leaders, each of us has the power to and responsibility for becoming student-centered and equity-minded agents of change at institutions and organizations. The work of creating lasting and needed systemic change in education and our larger nation will not be done by one individual but can only be achieved through the power of a collective sharing a similar vision (focusing on skills and competencies) for a brighter future.

Our Team