Friday SLO Talk (December 1, 2023)

Decoding the Dilemma: AI-Crafted Assignments, Student Responses, and the Potential Illusion of Learning Assessment  

Dive into the intersection of AI and student learning assessment. Explore how faculty wield AI to shape assignments, while students use it to craft responses. Uncover the blurred lines where AI-drafted assignments may be presented as student work, raising questions about true learning outcomes versus enhanced model training.

Dr. Will Miller brings a wealth of experience as a faculty member, accreditation liaison, director of institutional research, and strategic advisor in higher education. With a background spanning behavioral economics, organizational behavior, and political psychology, he merges theory and application to enhance institutional improvement and performance. Currently serving as an Associate Vice President at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Will guides faculty and staff in continuous improvement efforts, overseeing disciplinary accreditations, and serving as the SACSCOC Liaison. His leadership extends to dismantling data silos and fostering authentic analytics cultures on campus. Beyond academia, Will’s impactful roles at Campus Labs and strategic advisory positions underscore his commitment to advancing education, educational technology, and institutional excellence.

Unveiling the Dance: Navigating Learning Taxonomy Literacy in Higher Education Through ChatGPT and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy  

Artificial Intelligence chatbots have become the whistleblowers on poor assessment design in higher education and unmasked the unscholarly approach that is at the order of the day.  We explore the dance between the learning taxonomy literacy of the subject matter expert compared to that of the AI chatbot.  The session will begin with an overview of the truth behind the revised Bloom’s taxonomy (RBT), how it ought to be used, followed by a demonstration of how to prompt ChatGPT towards effective assessment design using the dimensions of the RBT. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice using Bloom’s revised taxonomy to interpret a learning outcome and related question item in their own context using a provided template.

Mrs Tho-Marie Stoltz is an academic e-learning advisor as well as a lecturer in the Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation and BComHons (Business Management) programme lecturing Research Methodology at Akademia, a private higher education institution in South Africa. She obtained a BCom and BComHons degree in Tourism Management, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. She recently submitted her master’s thesis in Education – Information, Technology, and Communication. She has a passion for interactive learning and optimal use of technology in the learning process. Her educational philosophy is to take her candle (knowledge and passion), and light others’ candles too, to create a bright future in Higher Education.

Mrs Elmien van Amerom, is Manager of the Department of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Akademia, a private higher education institution in South Africa.  She obtained a BCom, BComHons and MCom degree in Business Management. She is currently busy completing her PhD in Informatics to be submitted in March 2024, titled “The design and development of scholarly assessment instruments in higher education”.  She is a certified South African Qualifications Authority Assessor, Moderator and Skills development facilitator.  She has 21 years’ experience as higher education lecturer and 9 years’ experience as a professional staff developer specialising in training lecturers in effective rubric design, how to teach students to ask questions using the Question Formulation technique, as well as using the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in assessment design.

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