Gamification and Project-Based Learning (PjBL) afford students opportunities to apply learning, collaborate, and hone 21st century skills. Challenging puzzles and realistic scenarios aligned with concepts and learning outcomes advance knowledge and enhance competencies as learners strategize and craft artifacts. Participate in a PjBL escape room. Learn how to build one.

Sierra Adare-Tasiwoopa ápi, Ph.D., is the Instructional Technologist in the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence at Nevada State University. In addition to conducting workshops and panel discussions on Artificial Intelligence in higher education, she has presented interactive sessions on educational technologies, scenario-based learning, project-based learning, and gamification at regional, national, and international conferences. She is the co-author of Gamification in Higher Education: A How-To Instructional Guide and the editor of the forthcoming book Gamify Your College Classroom: Strategies to Foster Life Skills Across Disciplines. She has designed and taught online and face-to-face courses in a variety of academic disciplines.

Assessment best practices have come a long way in the past twenty years. This is a story of how one university has begun to reset their practices to improve program and institutional assessment in the tech-advanced, data-enhanced, AI-world.  This session will highlight some PD strategies for faculty to use AI, online sharing, and Canvas to revise and renew different assessment methods, making the outcomes and results more measurable, data-driven, and collaborative.

Nicole Espinoza is the inaugural Director of Assessment at Nevada State University. In her tenure, she has helped to establish new procedures for program and institutional assessment. With twenty years in higher education experience, this is the perfect job in her eyes as she loves every opportunity to help faculty improve student outcomes!

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