Friday SLO Talk (November 3, 2023)

Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman is the Director of Research in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Wake Forest University. Her research examines educational interventions that support the success of underserved students. Previously, Dr. Singer-Freeman served as the Director of Academic Planning and Assessment in the Office of Assessment and Accreditation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and as a tenured Associate Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at Purchase College, State University of New York.  Dr. Singer-Freeman provides presentations and workshops on culturally relevant assessment and ePortfolio pedagogy.  Dr. Singer-Freeman received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and was named a Scientific Thinking and Integrative Reasoning Scholar by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Talk Summary:   The Grand Challenges in Assessment project is implementing national strategic plans to address key challenges: 1) Using assessment findings to direct immediate pedagogical improvements; 2) Using assessment findings to increase equity; 3) Producing visible and actionable assessment findings that drive innovation and improvement. In this session, we describe the project and present some easy and practical ways campus leaders and assessment professionals can use artificial intelligence to support innovations that increase equity, speed learning improvement, and support evidenced-based decision-making on their campus.

Dr. Singer-Freeman’s presentation:

Dr. Yao Zhang Hill coordinates institutional and program learning outcomes assessment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She works closely with faculty to use assessment processes as tools to guide collaborative reflection and action on curriculum quality and coherence. She publishes and offers resources, guides, workshops, and consultations in program learning outcomes assessment capacity-building, assignment design, civic engagement assessment, undergraduate research assessment, oral communication assessment, and using AI to support assessment.

Talk Summary:
101 Creative Ideas to Use AI in Education is a crowdsourced collection contributed by authors from 19 countries across the globe. This presentation will present classroom assessment strategies inspired by this collection that involve skillful use of AI to facilitate students’ creative, reflective, and critical thinking skills with concrete examples.

Dr. Hill’s presentation:

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